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KENALL handbags are created with the finest materials:  high quality leather, suede, hair on calfskin with details of alpaca, horn, bamboo, onyx and exotic wood, typical materials from our land.  These special details created one by one renders each handbag unique.  These pieces, made by Argentine craftsmen, aspire to the highest quality standards.  Any marks or irregularities on the leather must not be considered as imperfections, as they are natural characteristics of the product. KENALL handbags are designed with leathers that improve with age and wear.

To keep the value and beauty of your handbag, we recommend:

  • Fill your handbag with silk paper and store in the duster bag provided to maintain the original shape.
  • Remove dirt from your suede handbag with a clean white eraser. Gently rub the eraser against the dirty part of the suede and brush with a special suede brush.
  • Avoid contact with water, perfumes and oily products.
  • Dry your leather handbag with a white cloth if it gets wet.
  • Light colors, especially white and beige, are very sensitive to sunlight, dust and stains. It is very difficult to restore them to their original finish.

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